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April 25, 2015 / Gyanesh Pandey

Through Our Eyes

When I was starting college, if I had met a Jyotishi who promised to tell me my future, I and my family would gladly give him a decent amount of dough for that peek into the future. However, even when you know the final destination, you wouldn’t know the steps to it. You can’t quite get the map to the destination of your life.

“Through our Eyes” is a valiant effort by the 1986 batch in compiling their journeys of life before, during and after IITs. It is in some sense a map of lives of people who go through a professional course.

College life (hostel life for many) is possibly the toughest transition that we make in our lives. It is like the first flutter of the wings. But the pain that ensues pushing against the walls is what makes you strong, ready to fly. Unfortunately that pain often seems like The End of the World –  Like that grade seems like the end of the world, that first failed relationship feels like the end of the world, when the job you didn’t get seems like the end of the world. If someone can tell you that it’s gonna be okay! you’ll be fine! Here, take a look at these guys, they all went through this and they are all doing fine. Everybody is going through the same shit hole. You just have to keep going.

This documentary achieves that well, by showing how people through different challenges turn out just fine.

It is also refreshing to see the document not take IITs over seriously. Someone jokingly points out “IITians think that if we have our brain to a situation then the situation is under control”. And like all jokes, it also has some truth in it.

If you ever lived a hostel life or are currently living in one or aspire to get there, this documentary will be valuable.


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  1. Hemarajan Shankaranarayanan Nair / May 6 2015 4:17 pm

    .date 06 may 2015 wed 0109 pm. This is the first time I am reading a discussion on . The film trailer looks interesting . I do not have the headphones to hear it right now . But I am a little disappointed at the language in the discussion . One risque word was used in the discussion .

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