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August 19, 2011 / Gyanesh Pandey

The Corrupt fumble as I March

Me Anna Hazare

There are many reasons one could go for a protest march or organize one. I shall speak for myself and let me also confess, the reasons are totally selfish.

The most important reason – health. You fast for a day and then shout and walk. If you do this for a week, I guarantee better results than any other Diet plan.

Most of us lead a very sedentary life. Even if we do something physical our vocal chords are never exercised. We are all polite and gentlemanly, mostly. Slogans overhaul the whole sound system of your body very well. And what better way than uttering “Bharat Mata ki Jai” & “Vande Matram“.

When in a crowd with mostly strangers around, one gets a strange sense of companionship. The person next to you is equally concerned about the issue. Feeling of being an Indian.

Passion: People often think that passion is sort of an emotion, it is. But it is almost a muscular apparatus which needs some exercise for proper functioning. Once you march and shout and hope and be positive about future, the passion that emerges from this whole exercise, I hope, will also contribute to other efforts. It’s almost a character transformation. Well, if you are in mid life crisis, are depressed, have low enthusiasm – this agitation will cure you.

It is funny when you come home in the evening and see the senior government officials fumbling on TV. You can almost hear the ghost conversations between Sonia and Manmohan – These guys along with others in the coterie would be getting nightmares. All this because I march. The result is as instantaneous as hitting a ball for six!

Even if corruption continues, I have had my kicks. And just in case Corruption goes down, the children of this nation will reserve a seat for me in heaven 🙂 Day by day the parliament rocks,  the home minister eats his words, the Spokesperson & others hide. The Corrupt fumble as I march, we march.

And though our education system taught us Civics, a protest is a hands-on experience of democracy, civil disobedience and people’s power.

The corrupt beware, the conscience of this nation is on a march.



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  1. itsfine / Aug 20 2011 5:07 pm

    You have written ‘Bharat Mata Ki Hai’ istead of ‘Jai’. You might want to change that. I agree with you about the passion protest marches generate which can be used constructively in many areas of life later. Good Blog!

  2. Aviral Khandelwal / Aug 21 2011 9:20 am

    good one

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